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Team Levalley, Pottery Painting, March 26th, 10:00am-12pm

 Event: Pottery painting 

location: Client site  

Per person fee includes one small bisque item and all raw materials for completion of the project like brushes, paints etc

Creative crew team members to bring all material which includes 80 pieces of pottery, brushes, paints etc to the site, set up for the event, help during the event as needed, wrap up the delicate pottery and other items and haul them back to the studio. 

Painted pottery pieces are glazed with food safe clear glaze, then fired in the studio  kiln. Your pieces will be delivered to your site 2-3 weeks after the event date. 

The items are made at the studio with stoneware clay,. They are microwave, dishwasher and food safe. 


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